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"On last Monday, I attended a B.E.L.L. mixer, and I enjoyed every moment of it! It was a wonderful opportunity to mix & mingle and network with business-minded people, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs. It was a relaxed, warm, and welcoming atmosphere, yet focused and energized! We all had a chance to share our experiences or vision for where we are headed. I had some really good conversations with several folks there. From one of those conversations with board member, John Gregory, I learned a lot about the initiatives that the BELL has carried out already, as well as future plans to promote and support Black economic development and empowerment. This organization from what I understand is fairly young, but it is already making a great impact in our community. I am elated to now be a part of this movement, and I am stoked about what's to come!"

Being in this (BELL XPrize) Master Class has changed my life!

Our community is better every single day because of its (The Black Economic Leadership League) efforts and dedicated community partners. 

It is a great networking platform to connect with other local professionals.

 BELL of Rock Hill has given me the opportunity to meet such talented people that I can lean on!

BELL works to empower individuals who are ready to elevate to their next level.

B.E.L.L. Of Rock Hill is family, love and every an aspiring business owner or entrepreneur need for sustainable support to position them for success.

I like this group as they are a great asset to the Rock Hill community in working towards minorities being informed and represented in the affairs of the city of Rock Hill. Due to the group’s efforts to increase awareness, I recently became aware of openings on the Rock Hill City Council. I applied for an open position. I’m excited about my new appointment to the Mayor’s committee on People with Disabilities! I along with my business, Brown Clinical Services, are looking forward to serving the Rock Hill community!

"Hold on to your dreams of a better life and stay committed to striving to realize it." 

 Black Enterprise, Earl G. Graves, Sr. 

B.E.L.L. of Rock Hill

Black Economic Leadership League of Rock Hill


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