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Business Development
& Innovation

The Business Development & Innovation pillar of B.E.L.L. aims to serve as a resource to Black business owners by assisting them in creating, growing, and scaling their businesses. Through programming and tools, we guide Black business owners towards implementation and growth while helping them overcome unique challenges and address the cultural nuances that are typically associated with Black owned businesses. 


B.E.L.L. is committed to assisting the City of Rock Hill achieve its diversity and inclusion goals by tracking and measuring the value of Black owned businesses to the Rock Hill community while also analyzing gaps and areas of improvement to enhance Black business sustainability and growth.

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Our Programming & Partnerships

Kauffman FastTrac

Kauffman FastTrac teaches aspiring, early-stage entrepreneurs how to launch their businesses. Entrepreneurs gain comprehensive knowledge and skills for venture creation and growth. 

Business Bootcamp

A hands-on business development series featuring book reviews, experiences from diverse business owners, insights into successes and challenges, exploration of community resources, and perspectives from family members of entrepreneurs.

Business Plan Workshops

Engage in practical sessions dedicated to crafting your business plan. Our objective is to guide you through a process that enhances your bankability, positions you for angel investments, and equips you for successful pursuits of partnerships, collaborations, and contracts.

BELL Prize

Test your efforts in a pitch session where you create, practice, and receive real-time feedback. Compete for potential funds, pitch to bankers for bankability insights, and approach angel investors or agencies with available funds. Our goal is to equip you for diverse financial opportunities that may arise for your business.

BELL Business Insider

​Where entrepreneurs find community and get the resources they need to create, grow, and scale their businesses while also developing personally.

Business assessment & Continuum of Care

A program for ongoing support to businesses in our programs and existing owners. Share your developmental needs, and let us facilitate your growth through affinity groups, assessments, and encouragement.

Kauffman FastTrac

Kauffman FastTrac establishes a solid foundation for business development through a curriculum approach. It serves as an excellent starting point for new businesses and a valuable refresher for existing ones, enabling them to assess and fill gaps in their development. The 2024 program is self-paced and online, starting with an in-person Kickoff Weekend, February 24th and 25th.


$100 registration includes access to:

  • Training material and cloud based software (lifetime access)

  • Kickoff Weekend, February 24th & 25th | 10am - 4pm

Review of topics, program Q&A

  • Business Mastermind Sessions (optional), March 5th - June 25th (2nd and 4th Tuesdays | 5:30-7:30pm)


All participants who complete the coursework by June 25, 2024 will receive a 50% reimbursement on the registration cost and participate in the graduation ceremony.

Registration closes February 18, 2024 at 11:59PM.

Register for Kauffman FastTrac

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Thank you for registering for Kauffman FastTrac! We're excited to take part in your growth!

Ideate (2 Lessons)

  • Entrepreneurial lifestyle

  • Character, vision, goals, assessments, pitches and risks

Refine (4 Lessons)

  • Building your organization

  • Staff, management and compensation

  • Other resources, board of directors or advisory boards

  • Cash flow, breaking even and profit

  • Determining and seeking funding 

  • Business plans

Position (5 Lessons)

  • Market research, engagement, proof of concept, competitors and problem solving

  • Business model canvas, pricing and legal forms of business

  • Exit strategies

Launch (5 Lessons)

  • Planning to launch

  • Leading your organization

  • Establishing culture

  • Ongoing management of finances

  • Systems, workflows, performance management

  • Your future

Commit (7 Lessons)

  • Branding and marketing

  • Sales distribution, financial management and operations

  • Intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights and patents

  • Laws, regulations and contracts


Prior to 1960, downtown Rock Hill had a thriving African-American Business District. During the 1960’s & 1970’s, those businesses were torn down as part of the federally funded Urban Renewal program. Since then, not many African-American owned businesses have re-emerged in the downtown area. Through BELL-Prize budding and scaling Black business owners are provided with the community, resources, workshops and trainings, and access to capital to re-establish a strong and diverse small business community within the City of Rock Hill. 

Impact by the Numbers


Black-owned Businesses supported via BELL-PRIZE


in capital provided to Black-owned local businesses


Hours of training and development provided via BELL-PRIZE


Potential Economic Impact via SC Cares Grant Assistance


Black-owned businesses supported via SC Cares Grant Assistance

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