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Back Story.

African-American Business History

Prior to 1960, downtown Rock Hill had a very thriving African-American Business District. During the 1960s & 1970s, those businesses were torn down as part of the federally funded Urban Renewal program. Since then, not many African-American-owned businesses have re-emerged in the downtown area.


Thanks to a new initiative created by BELL of Rock Hill, community leaders, and business owners, the BELL-Prize program will help re-establish a strong and diverse small business community, by offering individuals the opportunity to compete for capital to start or grow their businesses. Check out this video to learn more about the mission behind this initiative.


The BELL-PRIZE strives to re-establish a strong Black small business community by taking new and existing businesses through a series of educational opportunities helping them to explore, start, and scale their ventures while offering individuals the opportunity to compete for capital to start their own business. 


Inaugural BELL-Prize

BELL-Prize Winners


Ericka Hogan

New Attitude Performing Arts Center


Dr. Jesslyn Anderson, FNP


Harold & Julisa White, III

True Divine Xpressions

IMG_9993 (1).jpg

Kimberly Mood

Carolina Therapy Solutions 4 Kids, LLC


BELL-Prize ll

BELL-Prize Winners


Candice Moffatt

Warren Moffatt

New Vision Therapy and Wellness, PLLC

NVT&W - Facebook

Your Neighborhood Lawn Care, LLC

YNLC - Facebook


Whitney Hughes

South Carolina Progressive Living, LLC


Latoya Morrison

My Out Loud, LLC


Jerry Fussell

The Modern Arcade of Rock Hill


Tonya Vanderpool

Replenish IV Hydration and Wellness, LLC

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