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Business Development & Innovation

The Business Development & Innovation pillar of B.E.L.L. aims to serve as a resource to African American business owners by assisting them in creating, growing, and scaling their businesses. Through programming and tools we guide Black business owners towards implementation and growth while helping them overcome unique challenges and address the cultural nuances that are typically associated with Black owned businesses. 


Leadership Development & Training 

The Leadership Development & Training pillar of B.E.L.L. supports our community leaders by providing them with resources and knowledge to become more effective in their work., making our community aware of open positions on city boards and commissions, as well as helping the BELL board to continuously develop.


Workforce Development & Education

The Workforce Development & Education pillar of B.E.L.L. aims to connect the dots and foster collaboration between education, workforce development, and business development initiatives by serving students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We bridge the gaps that prevent the underemployed from securing better paying job opportunities through programming and initiatives that support the whole family. 

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