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As a member of B.E.L.L., you will be a part of a movement that helps the 38% we represent. The efforts of our members help ensure the work of B.E.L.L. continues to better our community.

Friends of B.E.L.L.

Friends of B.E.L.L. are individuals and organizations who support the work of B.E.L.L. through a financial contribution. Friends of B.E.L.L. are listed as sponsors and partners of the organization. 


As a member of B.E.L.L., you will have the opportunity to use your skills and talents to support the organizations by serving on a committee - 

  • Business Development & Innovation 

  • Leadership Development & Training 

  • Workforce Development & Education 

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Finance & Governance

  • Engagement

Exclusive access and/or discounted rates for B.E.L.L.-specific events.



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