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Workforce Development & Training

The Workforce Development & Education pillar of B.E.L.L. aims to connect the dots and foster collaboration between education, workforce development, and business development initiatives by serving students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We bridge the gaps that prevent the underemployed from securing better paying job opportunities through programming and initiatives that support the whole family. 

Our Programming & Partnerships

Rock Hill @ Work

Partnership with York Tech and other institutions to mentor and support young adults in obtaining certifications that will assist in skill development that lead them towards better-paying jobs.

It Takes a Village

A series of programming and workshops to provide the whole family with resources and tools to develop collectively.

At-Risk Youth Boxing Program

Partnership with Light Bright Boxing Program, Dr. Kimberly Johnson and Judge David Guyton via the Juvenile Justice Department to create a path for youth to transition into our Rock Hill at Work program for continued support, networking and mentorship.

Impact by the Numbers


Families supported through It Takes a Village programing


Provided to local students for start-up bank accounts


Graduating students supported with job placement assistance


Participants in the Rock Hill at Work Program


Students enrolled in York Technical College

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