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Verizon Is Funding $10 Million to Small Business Owners Through Relief Grants

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, also known as LISC, is partnering with Verizon in providing $10 million dollars in grants to small business owners that qualify. During the COVID-19 pandemic many small businesses unfortunately closed, leaving many uncertain of their future. Still, there are many small businesses that continue to struggle to remain operational.

By joining with LISC, Verizon is providing an opportunity to support the recovery efforts during this tumultuous time.

According to their website, on Monday, February 8th, LISC will launch the grant application for small business owners to apply for a $10,000 grant. Grants will be eligible for small businesses across the U.S., particularly in historically underserved communities hit hard by the pandemic.

Included are entrepreneurs of color, women-, and veteran- owned businesses and other enterprises who do not have access to flexible, affordable capital.

The grant funding can be used for: meeting payroll, paying outstanding debt to vendors, payables to include rent and utilities, and other immediate operational costs.

In order to qualify, and applicant must:

• be 18 years or older;

• only apply for one business;

• fully complete application with accurate information

An applicant is ineligible if:

• they are a non-profit organization;

• was previously awarded LISC Covid Relief Grant funds

For more details on how to apply visit:

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