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The Black Economic Leadership League, also known as B.E.L.L., is a local committee comprised of Black business owners and engaged community members within the City of Rock Hill.

 "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Mission

B.E.L.L.’s mission is to be a resource and advocate for the Black community and the City of Rock Hill. 

Our Vision

To grow diverse and equitable business practices that promote the value of inclusive, innovative, progressive policies in economic growth and development, by fostering entrepreneurship, creating jobs, equitable distribution of city resources and leadership opportunities to help the City of Rock Hill achieve its goals.

Our Initiatives

Workforce Development Initiatives

Partnership with York Tech to mentor and support young adults in disadvantaged communities to get certifications that will allow them to get better-paying jobs. 


Our first graduate has completed York Tech classes, completed an internship, and has been offered a full-time job! We will acknowledge her success on November 6th during the RHEDC retreat. 


  • The Opportunity: To collaborate with a sponsor and brainstorm how we could surprise her and celebrate her success in a way that encourages others to push themselves in the program. The sponsor could serve as a mentor and set the example for other companies to want to reach out and celebrate and mentor other students.


At-Risk Youth Boxing Program – Working with Judge Guyton and the Juvenile Justice Department to lessen youth returning after their first offense. They learn discipline via the boxing program, get mentorship through the "Everyday Coaches" program, and then enter York Tech WFD program above.


  • The Opportunity: Sponsorship means helping these youth with the boxing gloves and starter kit for the program.  (Scheduled to start before the end of the year.) 

Business Development & Entrepreneurship​

BELL-Prize - Award black-owned businesses funding for their business ideas to get started or grow.  They will start the 6-month business growth program the first of the year with the hopes of awarding funds in the summer.

Inclusive Tech Expo (ITX) – virtual conference and supportive educational opportunities to explore exposure and entrepreneurship in the tech world. Sponsorship Deck Available Here


Racial Equity Programs – bringing educational sessions to Rock Hill for citizens to go through and each cohort to do a community project implementing what they learned; similar to Leadership York County.  Sponsorship opportunities will probably occur 1st quarter of 2021.

Clinton ConNEXTion – Partnership with City of Rock Hill, RHEDC and Housing and Neighborhood Services to facilitate Vision casting for development of the South Side of Rock Hill, the poorest of Rock Hill communities. Conducting feasible studies, coordination of Urban Planner and community input sessions; helping to shape a clear vision for what development could look like while trying to prevent gentrification and attract developers to accept projects in alignment with the needs of the community. Sponsorships would involve the development of a land trust to keep land costs down to assist with minimizing gentrification.


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The Black Economic Leadership League, also known as B.E.L.L., is a local committee comprised of Black business owners and engaged community members within the City of Rock Hill.

Mailing Address: 572 John Ross Parkway, Ste. 107, #203,  Rock Hill, South Carolina  29730  |  Phone: 276-318-3660  |  Email:  info@bellofrockhill.org

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