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About Us

Our Mission

The Black Economic Leadership League, also known as B.E.L.L., is a local committee comprised of Black business owners and engaged community members within the City of Rock Hill.

 "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Mission

B.E.L.L.’s mission is to be a resource and advocate for the Black community and the City of Rock Hill. 

Our Vision

To grow diverse and equitable business practices that promote the value of inclusive, innovative, progressive policies in economic growth and development, by fostering entrepreneurship, creating jobs, equitable distribution of city resources and leadership opportunities to help the City of Rock Hill achieve its goals.

Our Three Pillars

Workforce Development & Education

Our goal is to connect the dots and foster collaboration between education, workforce development, and business development initiatives by serving students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We bridge the gaps that prevent the underemployed from securing better paying job opportunities.


Rock Hill At Work

Partnership with York Tech and other institutions to mentor and support young adults in obtaining certifications that will assist in skill development and lead them towards better-paying jobs.

At-Risk Youth Boxing Program

Partnership with Light Bright Boxing Program, Dr. Kimberly Johnson and Judge David Guyton via the Juvenile Justice Department to create a path for youth to transition into our Rock Hill at Work program for continued support, networking and mentorship.

Business Development & Innovation​

Encourage entrepreneurship, help develop businesses in economically challenged neighborhoods, and bring money into these communities.



Award black-owned businesses funding for their business ideas to get started or grow. Participants matriculate through the business growth program with the hopes of awarding start-up capital and funds. Take businesses through a series of educational and developmental sessions to assist them with strong business foundations when they start their businesses, to sustain their businesses and to help them grow their businesses. Our goals are to provide them with knowledge, incubation and funding to assist them in this process.

Inclusive Tech Expo (ITX)

Virtual conference and supportive educational opportunities to explore exposure and entrepreneurship in the tech world. Currently a conference held to expose underserved people and communities to opportunities in tech space by fostering relationships with those who are excelling in that space and may not look like the mainstream Tech World. Our goals are to foster a community for those in STEM programs.

Racial Equity Programs

Assisting the community with healthy conversations surrounding race and inequality, business and community leaders are gaining context and perspective while working towards creating equitable solutions and policies to move our City forward. Our current partnership is with the Racial Equity Institute and we will facilitate the ongoing process of cohorts navigating the training to take action oriented steps to change policies and practices that promote inequality.

Clinton ConNEXTion

Partnership with City of Rock Hill, its housing departments and RHEDC to facilitate vision casting for development of the South Side of Rock Hill, the most underserved of Rock Hill communities. In partnership with an Urban Planner we are conducting research and community input sessions to help shape a clear vision and attract developers to create projects in alignment with the needs of the community. These needs include jobs and business growth, housing development and redevelopment, talent development and attraction, health and safety, placemaking, and community of opportunity.

Leadership Development & Training 

Supports our community leaders by providing them with resources and knowledge to become more effective in their work., making our community aware of open positions on city boards and commissions, as well as helping the BELL board to continuously develop.

Young Professionals

Develop young black professionals personally and professionally within the Black community and the City of Rock Hill.

Professional Development Series

Offering on-going training and workshops for B.E.L.L. and community members to learn and grow in the areas of professional development, leadership and organizational management.

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